Monday, October 26, 2009

Another October - Another Hospital Stay

Its kinda strange when you think about it - this is Grover's 3rd October, and each year he has found himself in the hospital for one reason or another.

This year feels different though - we are here for good reasons, and being cared for by people who are listening and helping us find ways to put weight on Grover while encouraging him to join the ranks for the mouth eaters!

We are at Children's in Dallas, working on his weight. Grover's energy levels had been low lately, and it started to weigh on us even more than usual. So Jen and I did the only rational thing - brought him to the ER at 9p on a Saturday night!

They were very quick to get us in, and could tell that our concern warraned their full attention - and that's exactly what we got.

Grover is doing really well, he is getting rest and all of his internal constitutions are being reset quite nicely.  Despite the fact that we are in the hospital, we are all surprisingly upbeat. This has given Jennifer a new motivation (as if she needed any more :) ) to invent even more nutritious and effective ways to feed GT within the confines of his specialized diet.

We hope to be out of here in a few days - especially since we have a Halloween theme this year that will put our previous efforts to shame. We have a title to defend in a number of groups for best Halloween theme!

I just started a SuperGroverT facebook group - look it up if you have time, and please join us. I promise not to send a message, tweet, twit, or whatever everytime he takes a drink of water. Just put it up there to promote this year's Buddy Walk, and to give us all something to look back on in the future when all of this nonsense is behind us, and Grover is in school, playing sports, eating, dating, eating and doing anything else in the world that he wants to do.

That's all for now - thanks for reading!

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