Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Funny How the World Works

What an amazing day. Not amazing by way of progress, but one that definitely lead to some interesting discoveries about ourselves, and the people with whom we trust our child's care and well-being with - if only because they have a diploma and bad handwriting.

Let's start with the good - Grover's mom, Jennifer - and Dr. Kao. Jennifer deserves her own post, and it will come in due time. Dr. Kao really showed us something today. First, her office made room to get us in, and by all accounts it was a busy day in the world of pediatric cardiology. I overheard at least one patient being rushed to the ICU upon first glance. Dr. Kao could tell that we were both at our wits end.

We have some physicians telling us that our kid is what he is and to deal with it.

We had another specialist's office tell us that the doctors were too busy, and that if we were concerned, the best bet would be a trip to the ER.

We had another guy tell us that injecting our Grover T with allergens and other strange substances would help determine whether or not he is allergic to. This would lead to us removing all suspect substances, both foreign and otherwise, from his general environment.

Dr. Kao knew that we needed an ear today. We fully understand that she is a pediatric cardiologist. Not a GI specialist, not a surgeon, not a general pediatrician, immunologist, allergiest, nurologist, or any other IST. But today she was an ear, and let us know that we were not alone. It helped tremendously, and provided Jennifer and I with the clarity of mind to make a huge decision for Grover today.

We are going to free him from the tube just like you would ween a baby from a bottle. Remove it. Teach him. Make him learn. Have people over to entertain him as much as possible during meals in order for him to feel the hunger, and see the fun that you can have when you eat. This has been missing.

The scary variable here is that we do not know if he will understand the concept of hunger - and what the feelings are. Its going to be a wild ride, but one that we know is the right choice.

There has been 1 consistent lesson learned through all of Grover's ups and downs. Quite simply, if you want to get something done for your child, you have to make the decisions and act on what you think is right.

Wish us luck - this is going to be very interesting.

Also, I am putting together a Super Grover T store for Buddy Walk T-shirts and the like. I'll post the link very soon.

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