Sunday, October 18, 2009

Welcome to the Free Grover T! Blog

For my first blog post - I would like to tell you what I aim to accomplish with this website.

Grover is an absolutely amazing child. Spend a few minutes with him, and you will know that there is something extremely important about him - and when given the opportunity, he is going to teach the world to laugh, dance and enjoy life to the fullest.
Right now, Grover needs your help. After undergoing his first heart surgery, his willingness, ability, drive and understanding of the concept of eating has been non-existent. We have spent countless hours in feeding therapy, GI Dr's offices, undergoing some pretty rigorous testing and tons of at home experimentation to encourage Grover to eat. We fear that his disdain for orally consuming food is starting to bleed in to his overall well-being.

Grover consumes all of his food via G-tube, more specifrically, the "Micky Button". I will not be using any brand names here, for fear of retribution from manufacturers or physicians.

If anyone out there is participating in research, knows of anyone in a similar situation, or has any suggestions - we would love to hear from you.

With that....I will am now a blogger.



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