Sunday, December 6, 2009

Super Grover T's Newest Friends!

Grover (and all of us for that matter) have had a very exciting weekend!  I'm still shocked at how the story unfolded, so I guess it will be best to give the abbreviated story from the beginning.

A few months ago, Jennifer's aunt Debbie was in Alaska to film a part of a documentary regarding the Alaskan pipeline. One of the interviews she scheduled was with Sarah Palin. When she was with her, Debbie mentioned her nephew Grover, who like Ms. Palin's son Trig, has an extra chromosome.  The next time Debbie was in Alaska, she took a picture and present from Grover to give to Trig, which was a Super Grover doll and a short letter saying "hi".

A week or so after receiving the gift, Todd Palin sent Jennifer a thank-you note that also expressed a wish for us all to meet some day.  On Friday, the Palin family was in Dallas for a book signing, and Jennifer really wanted to take Grover to the event, but the tickets had sold out before we could reserve our spot.

Friday morning, an email came from Todd that mentioned their appearance in town. Jennifer wrote him back, and within an hour, Jennifer and Grover were sitting in a private room at the book store with Sarah Palin! There were so many people at the book signing, and when Jennifer and Grover arrived, one of Sarah's aides escorted them past the crowd in to a private room where The Palins were wrapping up their stop in Plano. They got to spend 15 minutes together, talking about our kids and their exciting lives. The biggest surprise came when Todd and Trig Palin came in to the room. Jennifer never thought that she and Grover would get to meet their little guy!

Jennifer admitted afterwards that both she and Grover felt a little starstruck by the encounter, but were also amazed at the normalcy of their visit. Despite all of the excitement and activity going on around them, nothing mattered but Grover and Trig. Jennifer said she felt like she was sitting with just another mom, sharing stories about their exceptional children.

What an exciting day! We know that Grover made yet another friend for life!

For those of you who know Grover, you won't be surprised to know that he pulled Sarah's glasses off her face! We forgot to warn her about his fascination with designer eyeware!