Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow!

Operation Free Grover T moves on tomorrow as we will be spending the morning at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas trying to uncover the root of any food and chemical allergies that are effecting his overall well-being.  This has been a very interesting process, but thus far its hard to argue with the results.

We are also scheduled for a visit to our cardiologist, Dr. Kao. She has been very good to Grover T, and we know that she and her team will be very important to us as Grover continues to get bigger and stronger. Its always fun to visit Dr. Kao's office because Grover has a mural sized photograph of himself up in the office. We are really good customers - so good that our picture is hanging there!

The other biggie for tomorrow is that GT will be getting a treadmill. He works very hard with his therapists to increase his endurance, and the promise of a hard-earned Elmo video will keep him motivated to "work out" for 15-30 minutes at a stretch. All of you personal trainers out there better get ready for Grover - he will be your Rushmore.

Wish us luck - here is a pic of Grover and his old man at Dr. Kao's office from our last visit. Enjoy!

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